Golden State Water Region II Watering Restrictions

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gswc_logo_laSeveral of our customers get their water from Golden State Water Company (GSWC) Region II and we have had inquiries regarding the current watering restrictions for this district. Below you will find a full list of those restrictions as well as a summary of those which apply to irrigation scheduling. Please note that these restrictions only apply to GSWC’s Region II which includes portions of the following cities:

Artesia, Bell, Bell Gardens, Carson, Cerritos, Compton, Cudahy, Culver City, Downey, El Segundo, Gardena, Hawaiian Gardens, Hawthorne, Huntington Park, Inglewood, Lakewood, La Mirada, Lawndale, Long Beach, Norwalk, Paramount, Santa Fe Springs, South Gate, and the communities of Athens, Lennox, and Moneta and vicinity, Los Angeles County, and portions of the City of Los Alamitos, Orange County.

Summary of Restrictions Pertaining to Irrigation Scheduling

Are you only interested in setting your controller? Here’s a quick summary of the restrictions that pertain to the irrigation scheduling. GSWC Region II is currently at Stage I which means that water use is restricted from 9am-5pm, unless you’re hand watering. Hand watering may be done at any time and is not restricted other than a positive shut-off nozzle must be used on the outlet end of the hose. Permanently installed sprinklers may not run longer than 15 minutes per station per day. There is currently no mandatory restriction on what days of the week, nor how many times per week you may water; however, GSWC is requesting that your watering days be cut back to no more than three times per week.

Full List of Non-Essential Water Use Restrictions

Below is the full list of non-essential water use restrictions as taken from literature posted on GSWC’s website:

  • Use of water through any connection when the utility has notified the customers in writing to repair broken or defective plumbing, sprinklers, watering or irrigation system and the customer has failed to make such repairs within 5 business days after receipt of such notice.
  • Use of water which results in flooding or run-off into gutters, waterways, patios, driveways, or streets.
  • Use of water for washing aircraft, cars, buses, boats, trailers, or other vehicles without a positive shut-off nozzle on the outlet end of the hose. Exceptions include washing vehicles at commercial or fleet vehicle washing facilities operated at fixed locations where equipment using water is properly maintained to avoid wasteful use.
  • Use of water through a hose for washing buildings, structures, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, patios, parking lots, tennis courts, or other hard-surfaced areas in a manner which results in excessive run-off or waste.
  • Use of water for watering streets with trucks, except for initial wash-down for construction purposes (if street sweeping is not feasible), or to protect the health and safety of the public.
  • Use of water for construction purposes, such as consolidation of backfill, dust control, or other uses unless no other source of water or other method can be used.
  • Use of water for more than minimal landscaping in connection with any new construction.
  • Use of water for watering outside plants, lawn, landscape and turf areas. Except that this provision shall not apply to commercial nurseries, golf courses and other water-dependent industries. Below are the water use restrictions at each stage of mandatory conservation and rationing (We are currently at Stage I):

• At Stage 1&2: Water use restricted from 9am – 5pm, except by hand.
• At Stage 3: Water use restricted from 9am – 5pm, watering every other day – no more than three times per week.
• At Stage 4: Water use restricted from 9am – 5pm, watering every other day – no more than two times per week.
• At Stage 5-7: Water use restricted from 9am – 5pm, watering limit to no more than one time per week.

  • Use of water for watering outside plants and turf areas using a hand-held hose without a positive shut-off valve.
  • Use of water for decorative fountains or the filling or topping off of decorative lakes or ponds. Exceptions are made for those decorative fountains, lakes or ponds which utilize recycled water and are equipped with a recirculation system.
  • Limiting the use of water for filling and refilling swimming pools.
  • Service of water by any restaurant except upon the request of the patron.
  • Use of water for purpose of irrigating landscape by means of permanently installed sprinklers for more than 15 minutes per station per day.
  • Hotels must provide guests option to not launder towels and linen on a daily basis.
  • Use of water at any car wash that is not equipped with a recirculation.

Further information can be found on Golden State Water’s website or by contacting them at (800) 999-4033. For irrigation repair services contact us at (800) 339-2102 or by email at info @ For information on residential sprinkler repair service in the Orange County area visit For commercial landscape and irrigation services visit West Coast Grounds Maintenance at

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