Long Beach Outdoor Watering Restrictions

Posted on July 8th, 2009 by in Blog, News, Water Conservation

longbeachpushpinI’ve had several customers ask me about water restrictions in the City of Long Beach. Below I’ve listed those that apply to landscape use of water. Please note that additional restrictions may apply. To see a complete list visit www.lbawater.org.

Water Use Prohibitions in the City of Long Beach

  1. Washing driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, patios or other outdoor areas with a hose unless using a water-conserving pressurized cleaning device; a simple spray nozzle does not qualify as a water-conserving pressurized cleaning device
  2. Irrigating landscape with potable water any day other than Monday, Thursday, or Saturday, except for very short periods of time for the expressed purpose of adjusting or repairing the irrigation system;
  3. Irrigating landscape with potable water between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.;
  4. Irrigating landscape with potable water using stream rotator-type or gear-driven sprinklers for more than fifteen (15) minutes per watering day per station, or for more than ten (10) minutes per watering day per station for all other types of sprinklers. Exempt from these landscape irrigation restrictions are irrigation systems using very low-flow drip-type irrigation when no emitter produces more than two (2) gallons of water per hour;
  5. Operating an irrigation system which, in the determination of the General Manager, is significantly water-inefficient by virtue of any or all of the following: excessive over spray, misting, over pressurization, misaligned or tilted spray heads, or any other malfunction or out-of-adjustment condition; and
  6. Irrigating landscape using reclaimed water to the point that the landscape becomes saturated and irrigation waters flow off the landscape.
  7. Permitting the excess use, loss or escape of water through breaks, leaks or other malfunctions in the water user’s plumbing or distribution system for any period of time after such escape of water should have reasonably been discovered and corrected;
  8. Watering or irrigating lawns, turf, or landscape areas beyond saturation causing significant runoff, as determined by the Long Beach Water Department (Department);
  9. Operating a fountain or other water feature that does not recirculate the water

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